Guide to Check 22Bet Coupon

Being an experienced sports bettor or just a newbie of bets and odds, you have definitely either heard of or already have used coupons. 

Coupons are essential for both sides, the one who places a bet and the one who receives it. It is a kind of document that confirms the bet. 

How to Check 22Bet Coupon

22bet coupon
Guide to Check 22Bet Coupon

Even if the bettor is sure about the bet, it is important for a platform to provide users with the best service they can. So 22Bet has a special coupon check service that allows users to know the result of the bet even without logging in. Sometimes it might take a lot of time or be inconvenient for users to fulfill the process of login, so they can just use the tool to check the outcome.

Have a Look at Your 22Bet Coupon

As we wrote above 22Bet Coupon is a kind of document that confirms the fact of the bet, which claims that it was really placed. Right after you have picked the sport or event that you would bet and place it, you would get an equivalent of your bet ID card. It has a unique number that consists of 10 digits and helps to check the outcome of the event. 

What is the Purpose of the 22Bet Coupon Check?

You’ll never know when it would be necessary to check the result of a match, when you are on public transport, during the working day, or when you are already in bed and too lazy to turn on the computer. Moreover, if you are unsure of the security of the device you use to log in to check the outcome. No need to risk your login and password security, you can check the coupon anonymously. 

Advantages of 22Bet Coupon Check

Simple Steps to Check the Coupon

  1. Open the homepage of the bookmaker’s website; 
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the Useful Links section;
  3. Open the click on the Bet slip check;
  4. Enter the betting ID assigned when confirming the bet; 
  5. Fulfill the verification conditions from reCAPTHA. 
22Bet Coupon Check

After succeeding with these 5 simple steps you’ll see your 22Bet coupon with the following information:

To check the outcome of the event you can simply follow the direct link –

Possible Difficulties with 22Bet Coupon Check

If you got any issues trying to check the coupon, first go through the information you’ve entered and reCAPTHA task. Most commonly here is the main reason for all difficulties.  


  1. Betting numbers should be entered simply as digits, any special sign would be considered as an error. 
  2. ReCAPTHA is active only for 5 minutes, so it is better to first fulfill all the required fields and only after that finish with reCAPTHA. 

“No Bet” Message

Sometimes even if you have entered correct information there might appear a “No Bet” notification. There are might be the following reasons:

  1. The event was canceled, and the bet is not counted.
  2. The bookmaker refused to let the client make a bet.
  3. 22Bet security service imposed sanctions on the user’s account.

If you see the message we advise you to write to the 22Bet support team, especially technical support to figure out the real reason.